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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yes, there are cougars in Michigan, witnesses tell panel | Freep.com

The long-running campaign to force the Department of Natural Resources to recognize the wild cougar population in Michigan arrived at the state Legislature Thursday morning, as a Senate committee took testimony from a dozen eyewitnesses and experts who claimed evidence of the animals’ presence is indisputable.

Cougars have been seen by hundreds of people in Michigan over the last 25 years, filmed and photographed, their tracks and droppings confirmed by scientists and attacks on livestock documented, the witnesses said.

Michigan has "a bonafide resident ... self-sustaining cougar population," said Pat Rusz, research biologist with the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy.

But the DNR refuses to acknowledge their presence, and discredits and ridicules assertions to the contrary, he said.

Apparently the DNR says they come from the Dakota's
Guess they are just "passing through"

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