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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tom Friedman 2/10/05 :Calling All Democrats

Excellent piece by Tom
Time to get on board, leave Ted (Kennedy) and his ilk behind

Link:Op-Ed Columnist: Calling All Democrats

"I think there is much to criticize about how the war in Iraq has been conducted, and the outcome is still uncertain. But those who suggest that the Iraqi election is just beanbag, and that all we are doing is making the war on terrorism worse as a result of Iraq, are speaking nonsense.
Here's the truth: There is no single action we could undertake anywhere in the world to reduce the threat of terrorism that would have a bigger impact today than a decent outcome in Iraq. It is that important. And precisely because it is so important, it should not be left to Donald Rumsfeld.
Democrats need to start thinking seriously about Iraq - the way Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton have. If France - the mother of all blue states - can do it, so, too, can the Democrats. Otherwise, they will be absenting themselves from the most important foreign policy issue of our day."
Let's all hope that the people of Iraq move foward, and that the people of Egypt, Saudia Arabia, and eventually Iran have the power to take charge of their own future.
Maybe the NeoCon's were right
If not in execution, in concept

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