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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More Moto(rola)

But wait, there's MORE !

RAZRwire shades - Motorola bluetooth with Oakley
Due in 2nd half of '05

BTW - I have to assume that the image in the linked piece is just a prototype, final product should be fully intergrated, more like Thumps
see Sunglasses Internationale

"Motorola, Inc. and Oakley, Inc. have unveiled a new line of premium Bluetooth wireless technology named RAZRWire. The new product line allows active users to quickly answer or place calls with the touch of a button. RAZRWire represents the fusion of Oakley optics with Motorola’s Bluetooth technology.

Available in three frame colors RAZRWire offering an integrated easy-to-use design. For cyclists, skateboarders, rock climbers, golfers the eyewear encourages hands-free connection while on the go.

The features of RAZRWire include Oakley’s comfortable, lightweight frame made of O-Luminum, a durable alloy that is 40 percent lighter than pure titanium. RAZRWire includes patented XYZ Optics, an innovation that maintains razor-sharp clarity at all angles of vision.
Customers also get the impact protection and 100% UV filtering synonymous with Oakley performance eyewear, and all this technology comes with the convenience of never having to worry about tangled wires again. The product is expected to be available in the second half of 2005."

What's next? - work with GE Imagining systems for X-Ray glasses
2007 ?
(power supply may be a bit bulky)

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