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Monday, March 07, 2011

China ?

China's Secret Weakness - Forbes.com : drugs and gambling

On America:
The Weekend Interview with Paul Johnson: Why America Will Stay on Top - WSJ.com:

"'Of course I worry about America,' he says. 'The whole world depends on America ultimately, particularly Britain. And also, I love America—a marvelous country. But in a sense I don't worry about America because I think America has such huge strengths—particularly its freedom of thought and expression—that it's going to survive as a top nation for the foreseeable future. And therefore take care of the world.'"

Francis Fukuyama’s New History of Human Social Structures - NYTimes.com

"The Chinese political system, since it has no way of holding its rulers accountable, is in the long run unstable, in his view. “The Chinese have reasonably good technocratic leadership. They can move faster than a democracy and cut through interest groups. But that leaves them vulnerable to bad emperor problems. They think the last bad emperor they had was Mao,” he said."

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