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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Pretty close to what I said in the interview.

Leelanau News from Leelanau County:
Nov 23, 2010

The chairman of the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) for Leelanau County, EDC, is John “Chip” Hoagland.

“We at the EDC view employment as a regional issue,” Hoagland said. “What impacts the region impacts Leelanau County. Staff at the (regional) Traverse Bay EDC have been working to compile data on where citizens work and live to further substantiate this,” he said.


Hoagland said the trends he perceives include not only the ongoing slump in construction, but also growing activity in “hidden business such as work from home, consulting, and ‘knowledge work.’ This last one is tough to track,” Hoagland noted.

“During my tenure with the Leelanau EDC,” he added, “my focus has been on year-round employment as well as enhancing the agricultural economy. I once heard it said that while you can pick up and move manufacturing jobs (but) you can’t move a farm.”

Nov 24, 2010
On Hunting

John “Chip” Hoagland of Glen Arbor also does not hunt. “It’s never anything I’ve been excited about. I don’t hunt, my dad doesn’t hunt, no one in my family does. I’ve never had a desire to do so,” he said when reached for comment Monday morning.

Hoagland is an investment manager and is involved in many business ventures. He’s now working with Cherry Capital Foods, and is also chair of the county Economic Development Corporation.

“I’m working on too many projects to go into the woods and chase venison,” he said. That does not mean Hoagland has anything against hunting or people who enjoy the sport.

“I wish we had more people out thinning the herd. The less deer we have, the less chance there is one of them will run out in front of my car,” Hoagland said.

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