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Monday, September 06, 2010


Housing Choice - Help Today’s Owners or Future Buyers - NYTimes.com

Proposals to institute another home buyers credit - to those already planning to buy ???

Brainchild of the realtors : didn't work before, why will it now?
Just let the market clear

“The administration made a bet that a rising economy would solve the housing problem and now they are out of chips,” said Howard Glaser, a former Clinton administration housing official with close ties to policy makers in the administration. “They are deeply worried and don’t really know what to do.”

"Michael L. Moskowitz, president of Equity Now, a direct mortgage lender that operates in New York and seven other states, also advocates letting the market fall. “Prices are still artificially high,” he said. “The government is discriminating against the renters who are able to buy at $200,000 but can’t at $250,000.

and how about :

Some members of the National Association of Home Builders say a new credit of $25,000 would raise demand but their chances of getting this through Congress are nonexistent.

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