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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maybe it's just Magic

Not going to hold my breath.
Some basic physics : more electrons = more protons and neutrons = more mass.

Skepticism Persists as Nissan’s Ghosn Leads Charge Into EV Age: "According to Ghosn, the Leaf's 100-mile (160-km) range covers 90% of the daily driving needs in Japan and most other major markets. The problem is that other 10%.

“Buyers would basically be paying the price of a Lexus for a second car,” one Nissan official admits.

While the basic story line is right, Ghosn has omitted a few details that could make the road ahead a little bumpier – namely, that the Leaf’s 100-mile range is achieved without engaging the car’s air-conditioner and heater, which knocks off 30%. Also, the life of the battery for automotive use is estimated at only four to five years."

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